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Big Bozo

Big Bozo

A behemoth of a pez dispenser. Bozo here dispenses pez packs instead of just the itty-bitty pez. For scale, I’ve included a standard Pez dispenser next to it. He’s over 12″ tall and can fit twelve full packs of Pez candies in his body. There were several super-size Pez Dispensers made by the company. This is the only one I currently have in my collection, which makes it an automatic favorite.

This is one that I pulled out of the packaging and then promptly tossed the packaging in the trash.I hate it when I do that. I know better when it comes to collectables, but a Pez dispenseer in the package, especially a 12″ tall Pez dispenser, isn’t nearly as fun as a Pez dispenser sitting out on the shelf in all it’s glory, ready to have it’s head tilted back and used. I know discarding the packaging destroys the value, but if money was my priority, I”d be collecting stock and bonds or rare coins or stamps, I something. Bozo sits on the shelf in my study – right next to my Oscar Myer Wienermobile and Cheshire cat stuffed animal. (No, I still haven”t grown up.)


Candy Name: Bozo Pez Pack Dispenser
Manufacturer: Pez Candy, Inc., Orange, CT, USA
Made in: China
Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Adipic Acid,
Hydrogenated Palm Kernel and Palm Oils and
Soybean Oil, Mono and Diglycerides, Natural and
Artificial Colors (Including FD&C Red 3, Yellow 5
Yellow 6, Blue 2).



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