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M&Ms? More like M&Yums. This cute, little metal tin is shaped just like an M&M. It pulls apart in halves and it was filled with M&M Chocolate Candies. Notice I said was filled. I have a lot of candy containers that were never opened. I’ve also got a lot that, even after opening, I’ve never eaten the candy. Chocolate is the exception. If it was filled with chocolate, I have eaten the contents. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

So, this is my fabulous (and empty) M&M tin. These have been produced in a variety of colors, including the standard M&M colors as well as all of the traditional holiday colors. When I open a new pack, I dump them all out and like to make pictures with the various colors; usually  flowers, with blue sky and green grass, but I have experimented with abstract art as well. I’ll be sure to post my M&M art here one day…next time I get a fabulous new tin filled with candy-covered chocolates! I’ve got a few of these little, round tins in various colors. They’ll pop up here on this blog eventually. I can’t guarantee when they’ll hit the blog, but I can guarantee the contents have already been eaten.

I have yet to see M&M tins filled with the specialty candies..the pretzel filled, peanut butter, or even peanut M&Ms, but that’s ok. The plain are my favorite.

Candy Name: M&Ms Chocolate Candies



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  1. Anis
    May 9, 2012

    They make some of the prettiest candy flweor bouquets. The flweors are molded candy in all sorts of colors and flavors. And one of the sweetest things I’ve seen are:Think about what you want to say to her, find candy who’s names can be used instead of words (for example SweetTarts can take the place of the word sweetheart) and a large poster board. Once you have a good idea of what you want to say and you’ve bought your candy write out your words then tape the candy up that’s meant to take the place of a word. For example: Hey (SweetTarts), You know how much I love your (Hershey’s Kisses) and (Hershey’s Hugs) when we’re together. I love the way you make me (LaffyTaffy). I may be a real (Lemonheads) but I think you’re the one for me. *laughs* You get the idea.

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